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Pow.wow Round Table: Pricing

When: Tuesday, August 6th

Time: 6-8:30pm

Where: Noise 13, 1616 16th 3rd Floor, SF

Tickets: $10, or Free for Premium Members

The reason you went into business was to make a profit. If you are giving away your services for less than cost, or just breaking even, you’d be operating a non-profit venture – or a business that’s likely to fail. There are lots of components that factor into whether or not a business is profitable, including location, leadership, demand, competition, etc. But one of the most important decisions is how to price your services.

We have had a lot of requests for help with pricing options, discounts, and overall value of work. Join us for a round table discussion on pricing. Give, or get, feedback and advice for pricing structure within services or products.

Drinks & snacks provided.

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