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  • $10 for Basic members, $20 for guests, Free for Premium Members

Pow.wow: Finance & Investing

When: Tuesday, April 9th

Time: 6-8pm

Where: Noise 13, 1616 16th street, 3rd floor, San Francisco

Tickets: Free for Premium Members, $10 for Basic members, $20 for guests


Join Pow.wow with Kristin Bartlow, CFP, CLU and Terra Lee with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, who will be presenting on the “Keys to Building a Disciplined Investment Strategy”. They will be talking through the following topics: investing basics, setting goals, risk management, diversification & asset allocation, risk tolerance and taxes.

You will walk away from this session with a basic understanding of investments and some strategies to help you make sound financial decisions for yourselves and your businesses.

Please feel free to email any questions or topics that you want Kristin and Terra to include in their presentation to kristin.bartlow@nmfn.com