“I was invited to promote one of the POW.WOW events in San Francisco, and I was very impressed with the professionalism. Pow.wow shows attention, and sincere positive attitude towards women in business, making them stand out above the rest.”

- Alan D., Artist

“Pow.wow network is a great place for creative business owners (and budding women entrepreneurs) to learn new concepts, share ideas, and support each others businesses. And Dava does a fantastic job keeping the content fresh and new each month.”

- Julie Legrand, President, Off the Market Consulting

- Sherri Zeische, Owner, Beauty Company

Pow.wow is a collection of powerful women meeting monthly to network, learn, share & grow as business leaders, innovators & creators; with a bit of fun & a few cocktails added to the mix

Founded by Dava Guthmiller of Noise 13 Design, Pow.wow started as a network to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges of running a small business. It continues to be a place where women can come to share ideas, get feedback and develop productive and collaborative business relationships. Since 2004, the ideals and goal of Pow.wow have evolved and grown with the strength and knowledge of our network. Join us today to meet some amazing women, and help build your business network and knowhow.

Meet Our Members
Sherri Zeische
Laura Forst
Julie Martin
Gwendolyn Wright

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